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You're quirky, I'm quirky and Pets are quirky too!

Here's the deal: nobody and nothing is normal. You have your own personality and so does your pet!! DO NOT listen to what others say if it goes against your or your pets best interest.

For example, Last week I was pet sitting/house sitting for a local Bedminster family. Their two senior doodles are the best. However, they have personalities (surprise) and I embrace that.

The female doodle will ONLY drink out of a running bathtub faucet. After she has had her fill, I gently wipe her face with a towel. She also has an inability to cope with cell phone sounds. Specifically, the DING, when you receive a text message. I make sure to silence my phone before entering the home as not to trigger her. And the male, he will only eat his food if it's been marinated for several minutes with a mixture of water, and Chewy and Stella's dehydrated and smashed chicken. He’s underweight and I derive great pleasure seeing him eat every single bite and lick the bowl!

I pride myself on being FULL SERVICE, which means I go the extra mile, go above and beyond, treat each animal as an individual: with kindness, love, acceptance and patience.

It took me 30 minutes one day to coax a timid dog out of his crate. His body language said “stay away or I will bite” (fear), his eyes said "I'm terrified, I've been hurt before" (this was his third home) and after 30 minutes, I was rewarded and feeling so proud of myself, when this little terrified pup, gifted me with the choice (his choice) to come out, wag his tail, run around, jump on my lap and ALLOW me to take him out. It's a precarious balancing act. Sometimes it works out! That is success. That's a good day.

I wish you all much success in your world as well!

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