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3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

1. Exercise

Exercise for dogs can be viewed on a spectrum, ranging from the basic necessities to intense activities. From daily walks with a dog walker, or pet sitter such as Camp Becca , or making exciting challenges for your dog. When it comes to physical activity and your pet, the first thing to note is that even the simplest activities, like walks go a long way.

The second thing to note is that you owe it to your dog to switch it up every once in a while – hit the local walking or hiking trail, play fetch at the dog park, or head to the beach – to keep things interesting. And if weather is a deterrent, there are tons of ways that (camp) Becca can exercise your dog indoors that are fun, too.

2. Routine Care

Routine care is one of the most important things pet parents do for their dog, especially since our animals cannot communicate to us directly when they have biological needs. It is important for us to be the intuitive and caring humans our animals deserve by feeding them healthy food, enabling exercise, and scheduling regular visits to the Vet.

Set up recurring vet visits and schedule regular times with the groomer (even if that’s you). You’ll feel just as good as your pet does if you do.

3. Love and Affection

This is my favorite part of the list so I saved the best for last.

As their parent, your dog is often looking to you for cues to deepen a bonding moment, whether that be cuddling time on the couch or breaking from your human tasks for a positive affirmation every once in a while. As with people, the little actions go a long way with maintaining a positive relationship with your pet.

Love between you and your dog is a powerful tool. It can shape how they interact with other animals and people and curb their behavior.

At camp Becca, since we offer such individualized care, love and affection is a part of every action /reaction we have with animals. Each animal we have knows that even though we aren't "their person" we are a close second! And when we are pet sitting, dog walking , or just cuddling, we are rewarded with relaxed body and facial language or happy wagging tails.

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